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My name is Igor Scekic. I am digital artist and freelance graphic designer/illustrator.
This is my blog where I am showcasing my works in progress.
If you want to see my artworks check my portfolio http://fusionfactory.net/

OFFSET 2014 - Speaker Titles Compilation from M&E on Vimeo.

This is a compilation of all the speaker titles for the 2014 OFFSET Festival,
which was held in Dublin this March 21st-23rd.

The titles were originally 24 separate 28 second long clips, one for each speaker,
and was played before each talk.

Directed by M&E
Art Direction: M&E
Concept: M&E
Cinematography: M&E
Editing: M&E
Colour Grading: M&E
Construction: M&E
Music: ‘Flying Eagle’ by BODEBRIXEN

M&E Design:

OFFSET Creative Festival


Client work in progress

Client work in progress

Futures - Zero 7 feat. José González | 3:58 min | d 2006 (HD 2011) from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.


For the first time in HD released in November 2011!

In “Futures” you will see crushed things, completely abstracted … finding together and building up to something we all have seen before … Like our true wishes and desires they shape over time and get clearer … followed by the next longing … Innuendos, artifacts and the rough synchronization add subtle emotions to the uncertain process that build the morbid tableaux of all possible futures …

A bit of geometry…

New work in progress

New work in progress

De Planeta from Leonardo Cavaletti on Vimeo.

De Planeta (latin for “about a planet”) is a short and stylised procedural animation that revolves around birth, life and death of a little planet, showing all the colorful wonders it has to offer by following it through the ages with a fast-paced and engaging rhythm, culminating into the triumph of modernity over nature, with all the consequences that may follow upon it…

This is my final year Major Project at the Undergraduate Computer Visualization and Animation course at the NCCA. A single soul’s opera magna created entirely in Houdini, with compositing in Nuke.

Featured in the sideFX Houdini student Showreel 2013 @ vimeo.com/70561787